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Chi Kung

NHS Guide to tai chi

Tai chi is becoming increasingly recognised by the NHS as a safe system of exercise, which can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. Please follow this link the NHS guide to tai chi, which offers all sorts of useful information about this long established exercise form NHS guide to tai chi

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NHS Adopting Taichi/Qigong (Shibashi)

The Torbay and Devon NHS have produced the following practice information for beginners, in taichi/qigong (Shibashi), as a simple and easy to learn system of forms and movements to help overall balance, posture and general health. The hand-out includes pictures to help and also shows these in seated form, for those less mobile. Shibashi is…

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Shibashi – Tai Chi-Chi Kung

T’ai Chi – Chi Kung Shibashi is a gentle, beautiful and flowing chi kung exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing. It combines the key elements of chi kung and tai chi, such as effortlessness, mindfulness and use of the breath. It consists of 18 forms practised as a flowing…

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Chi Fit – A New Concept in Health and Fitness!

A new concept in health and fitness – imagine if you could achieve all the benefits of a workout in the gym, but without strain or impact on the joints, ligaments or muscles? Chi Fit is a new form of fitness class, utilising one of the key facets of chi kung, t’ai chi and other…

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Welcome to Southern Chi Kung

Welcome to Southern Chi Kung, based in Hampshire, and offering Chi Kung (Qigong) classes at various locations in the Southampton and Hampshire area, as well as offering personal tuition. This ancient, powerful, form of Chinese energy exercise has many benefits, including physical and emotional health, stress relief, longevity and stillness. Whether you want to become…

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