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Chi Kung teacher Mark LythgoeMy name is Mark Lythgoe and I have many years experience of various martial arts, where I was first introduced to the amazingly powerful and healing exercise form that is Chi Kung, (qigong) as a means of developing balance, calmness, physical health and mental focus. I began to feel that as I got older chi kung gave me all the physical and mental conditioning I needed, without the aches, pains and bruises!

I have since taken that experience and further developed my skills at The College of Elemental Chi Kung, where I completed a two year practitioners certificate, as well as their year long advanced internal alchemy course and continue to update my knowledge and experience with further training, to ensure students get the most that Chi kung can offer. In particular I incorporate various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine into my classes, with a strong focus on five element and meridian theory along with the related key organs, so that students gain an understanding of the benefits of chi kung in relation to these elements and their bodies.

I am also qualified as a Shibashi (Tai Chi Qi Gong) instructor, with the Tai Chi, QiGong and Feng Shui Institute, training with Chief Instructor Sifu Wing Cheung and also offer training in this very popular system.

I have also trained as a gym instructor, complementary therapist, qualified in reflexology, hypnotherapy, reiki and stress management, and very strongly believe in the principle that our health – mental, emotional and physical – is directly related to the flow of energy (chi) in and around our bodies and I apply this through my Chi Kung classes and workshops.

Contact Mark now to discover how Chi Kung can help you, in theĀ  Petersfield, Waterlooville and Portsmouth areas.

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